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Planning Studio is in the early stages of being a platform for sharing ideas and a knowledge hub on urban planning practices around the world that focus on improving the quality of live of urban inhabitants. It is intended to compliment the existing knowledge hubs and mainly focusses on countries in Australia and Asia Pacific, though it will draw lessons from other regions.

The aim of this hub would be to provide interested individuals a platform to share thoughts and have access to good practices on urban planning, access to policy guides and exchange thoughts on addressing the challenges of urbanisation.

Key Challenge Themes:

  1. 1.Access to housing and services

  2. 2.Transforming urban poor housing 

  3. 3.Sustainable urban development

  4. 4.Vulnerability and climate change

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Aman Mehta is a consultant, researcher and project manager who is passionate about cities and exchanging ideas on the challenges faced by cities in Asia and the Pacific.

Aman has 15 years experience in urban planning and international development in over 10 countries.

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